All the features of a lead management and link tracking platform you would expect with the addition of sophisticated ad serving.


Campaign Types

Manage CPL, CPC, CPA, CPI and DOI campaigns from the platform.

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Configurable unlimited duplicate filters. Group data elements and configure timeframes for more granular suppression.

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Lead Validation

Use built in validation and verification for email, phone, postal, name, zip and ip.

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Advanced IOs

Run a campaign with multiple IO's with different payouts and allocation.

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Reporting for consumer information request and opt-outs.

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Invoicing and Payout

Simple reporting for invoicing advertisers and paying out publishers.

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Deeper Insights

Important metrics in reporting are clickable for deeper insights.

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Platform Configuration

Configure defaults and manage platform settings.

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Event Viewer

Search every event in the system including lead api, ad serving and optimization, lead distribution, advertiser and publisher pre-pings, redirects and others.

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User Management

Granular user permissions that control view, add and edit capability throughout the platform.

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Lead Distribution

Intelligent Lead Routing

Route leads to a variety of destinations using Lead Flows.

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Batch File

Send self customized text or csv files to a variety of destinations on a specified schedule.

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Real Time

Deliver leads in real time to any API. Use the intuitive API builder or default integrations.

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Ad Serving


Ad placement optimization down to the sub id level. Choose your level of greediness.

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Ad Placement Configuration

Granular ad placement configuration for both desktop and mobile devices.

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Template-based Ad Formats

Unlimited ad formats that are configurable through the UI. Use the defaults or get creative and build your own.

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Mid-path capability

Monetize your own websites or your partners. Includes rev-share, publisher portal, revenue api and scrub capability.

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