You acquire new customers through various marketing efforts.

Let us help simplify this.

Twyne is an advanced lead management, lead optimization, lead distribution and monetization platform with powerful analytics.


Manage an unlimited number of CPL, CPC, CPA, CPI, DOI campaigns, advertisers and publishers. Beautiful, simple and intuitive UI to make management simple.

Advanced Ad Serving

Everything we engineer starts with ad serving in mind. Finally power your lead generation effors.

Advanced demographic and geographic targeting with pre-ping capability.

Powerful algorithmic yield manageement/optimization or manual, customized curation of ad placements.

Unlimited ad formats for the most unique consumer experiences.

Real-time Insights

Fully customizable reporting that provides real-time metrics into campaign and source performance. Advanced drill-down capability to provide deeper insights down to the lead and click stream details.

Lead Distribution

Group any number of lead status classifications and associate unlimited parent/child lead flows within these classifications to intelligently deliver leads to your client. Simple UI to build sophisticated API integrations with advanced logic capability.

Data, Security & Compliance

All data resides in your own encrypted database. Data retention and reporting history based on tier selection. 5 year data archival in encypted object storage for regulatory compliance. Granular user permissions to secure sensitive account and lead details.

  • Two factor authentication
  • Cyber Risk insurance policy
  • TCPA/CCPA compliant

Twyne features

Additional features that set Twyne apart from other performance marketing platforms.

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User Management

Granular user permissions that control view, add and edit capability throughout the platform. See more

Template-based Ad Formats

Unlimited ad formats that are configurable through the UI. Use the defaults or get creative and build your own. See more

Mid-path capability

Monetize your own websites or your partners. Includes rev-share, publisher portal, revenue api and scrub capability. See more


Configurable unlimited duplicate filters. Group data elements and configure timeframes for more granular suppression. See more

Lead Validation

Use built in validation and verification for email, phone, postal, name, zip and ip. See more

Advanced IOs

Run a campaign with multiple IO's with different payouts and allocation. See more

Beauty, Sophistication and Function

Campaign Management

Run any type of campaign with ease. Sophisticated IO, targeting, pre-ping, rules & filters, duplicate, ad copy, and lead distribution.

Source Customization

Granular configuration of ad serving sources. Show single offer or multiple stacked offer implementations. Desktop vs mobile configurations. Configurable, template-based ad formats at the source level.


Configurable, real-time reporting that provides deep insight. Time based reporting down to the hour to stay connected to campaign and publisher performance.