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Frequently Asked Questions

Most lead gen platforms charge for incoming and outgoing leads. Do you?

No we don't! You only pay for a incoming lead or click.

How easy is it to migrate from another platform? Do you provide migration assistance?

It's fairly easy. We have suppression upload wizards and various templates to make migrations simple. We offer free onboarding and migration of your existing campaigns.

Can I finally ad serve all my campaigns to consumers in an intelligent and elegant manner?

Yes, yes, yes! Twyne has sophisticated ad serving capabilities that include custom ad formats and yield management and optimization.

Can I move between plans?

Yes, you can move between plans as often as you like.

How much is support and training?

FREE! We provide unlimited training and support for free, forever.

Can I cancel anytime I want?

Yes, canceling your subscription can be done anytime. No long term contracts.