Campaign Types

Manage CPL, CPC, CPA, CPI and DOI campaigns from the platform.

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Manage both types of host & post campaigns. Easily ad serve and/or broker these campaigns.

  • Granular targeting
  • Lead validation and verification
  • Lead distribution
  • Multiple Copy/Creative options
  • Simple field creation
  • TCPA and disclaimer management
  • IO management
  • Publisher management
  • Audit trail & notes
  • Scrub management
  • jornaya LeadId & Trustedfrom
  • Advertiser & Broker Pre-ping

Link Tracking

Manage CPC, CPA or CPI campaigns. Ad serve these or manage a CPA network.

  • Same features as CPL & DOI
  • Unique redirect by publisher
  • Secondary campaigns
  • Postback management
  • Cookieless tracking
  • Cross-Device
  • Custom tracking domains

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Configurable unlimited duplicate filters. Group data elements and configure timeframes for more granular suppression. See more

Lead Validation

Use built in validation and verification for email, phone, postal, name, zip and ip. See more

Advanced IOs

Run a campaign with multiple IO's with different payouts and allocation. See more